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Gut Goddess Wellness

Do you struggle with chronic indigestion, IBS, inflammation, or other gut issues?


Do you have a hard time trusting your gut intuition?


Do you find difficulty “digesting” your life experiences with ease? 

Then welcome to my signature 12-week coaching program for sustainable, radiant change!

Get ready to...

  • Take control of your own gut health journey

  • Explore the root causes of symptoms--and how to heal them naturally

  • Access motivation and accountability for positive change

  • Learn powerful tools for emotional wellness, stress-reduction and mind-body connection

  • Free yourself from obsessing over which foods will make you "sick" and learn to eat intuitively

  • Experience the joy of symptom-free living

This program is for you if...

  • You self-identify as a perfectionist, are anxious, or stressed about life, your purpose, or your health

  • You've struggled with chronic indigestion or IBS symptoms for as long as you can remember...but relief is random and unpredictable

  • You have trouble “trusting your gut” or making decisions

  • You find yourself stuck on unprocessed emotions

  • You want to expand your toolkit of self-care and mind:body connection practices

  • You are interested in learning more about gut and microbiome health, mind:body connection, and the gut-brain axis

  • You are willing to really commit to yourself over a 3-month journey to health reclamation

  • You've "tried everything" when it comes to healing your gut...and you're ready to try an unconventional approach that looks at the gut holistically

  • You are motivated, smart, coachable, and willing to go ALL IN!

12 Weeks to Heal Your Gut

Your Investment:

One-on-One Coaching 

Weekly 1-hour Zoom coaching calls for 12 weeks 

Weekly Wellness Plan

Curated, personalized wellness plan each week including affirmations, journal prompts, lifestyle tips, and self-care rituals

Integrative Nutrition Support

Meal plans, grocery lists, & nutrition tips to support your bio-individual needs

Safe Container

A nurturing, healing environment where you can take back control of your gut health


Email support between sessions ensures you receive the accountability and motivation you need

Are you ready to heal your gut?