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Emotional Digestion

Digestion is the root of all health.


And indigestion can come from the inability to let go of past experiences, emotions, and conflicts—unless you know how to practice emotional digestion!

This 6-week coaching program takes an unconventional approach to healing the gut: what is the story behind your symptoms, and how can healing your emotions help heal your body?


By beginning with the emotional aspect of digestion, we harness the body's natural healing powers and unblock the root causes of pain and discomfort. 

This program is for you if...

  • You've tried everything--and I mean EVERYTHING--to heal your gut: elimination diets, holistic healers, yoga, meditation, supplements...and you still struggle with symptoms (in fact, they may have gotten worse over the years)

  • You've developed an unhealthy relationship with food due to recurring elimination diets, fearing which foods will make you "sick," or obsessing over the endless healing diets all over the Internet (I don't blame you, I've been there too!)

  • You've been told you have IBS as a catch-all diagnosis because there is nothing functionally "wrong" with your gut, and yet you are still suffering severe symptoms...or you have not experienced progress with a past digestive disorder and you are tired of fighting your body

  • You don't trust your body anymore, or maybe you believe that your body doesn't trust you after years and years on a healing loop

  • You long for a sense of safety in your body so that you can fully heal on your own terms

  • You suspect (or know) that emotions and stress play a big role in your gut issues, but you just don't know how to consistently manage your stress response

  • You are ready to live a life of vitality, joy, energy, and purpose...without worrying about what food to eat, how your gut will respond, or why you just can't heal!

Your Investment

One-on-One Coaching. 

Weekly 1-hour Zoom coaching calls for 6 weeks 

Weekly Wellness Plan

Curated, personalized wellness plan each week including affirmations, journal prompts, lifestyle & nutrition tips, and self-care rituals


Email support between sessions ensures you receive the accountability and motivation you need.

Are you ready to heal your gut?