My Mission?

Guiding women towards their gut instincts.

So they can feel radiant, be radiant, and spread radiance--

like the goddesses they are!

Hi, beautiful!

I'm Amy, and I'm so happy you're here. Why? Because if you're reading this, it means you're deeply honoring yourself by healing your mind, body, and spirit. And every woman deserves that--it's our birthright. It's also my passion. 


My own health journey began when I was 14. A bad stomach flu changed my life overnight, leaving me with debilitating digestive issues that literally never resolved. I took endless, invasive, and expensive tests, but top doctors had no idea what was wrong. Finally, I was diagnosed with something called gastroparesis (by eating radioactive eggs and doing an elimination MRI which showed I was only digesting at 30%!). I was put on antibiotics, three times a day--for two years, as a 15-year-old!  

Sure, the antibiotics "fixed" one issue, but they led to a whole host of others. I knew--in my gut!--that I didn't know the answers either, but there had to be a solution besides forever-meds that only made me sicker. As if by instinct, I started to explore natural health: yoga, meditation, acupuncture, detoxification, and healing diet protocols. I always say that illness was a gift by waking me up to alternative ways of living.

However, there was a dark side to my DIY healing, too. I became obsessed with different elimination diets, fixating on what foods would make me sick or not until I was a full-blown orthorexic and yo-yo vegan. By my sophomore year at Stanford, I was sicker than ever. I lost twenty pounds in one semester, my hair was falling out, I was so depressed, and I stopped getting my period. 

On the outside, I was still the high-achieving "supergirl" everyone expected me to be, but on the inside I was literally falling apart. The ironic thing is that each healing crisis has been accompanied by profound spiritual growth and awakening from the matrix of toxins and stress that is the modern world. And each time, I've realized that healing happens from within. 

And yet I'd never really gotten to the heart of my gut issues--I had simply adapted to living with them. But the body knows better. At 26, I was humbled again by a bout of sickness that left me unable to even send an email, my brain was so foggy. This time, the wake-up call was more alarming: I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Epstein-Barr Virus, autoimmunity, candida, and h. pylori (a gut infection which is the precursor to ulcers and stomach cancer), as well as a panoply of food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies. Working with a naturopath, I've been able to heal myself from the inside-out. But I had to change almost everything about my life, even the life that I thought was "healthy." 

True healing is a radical act. It involves relinquishing any victim mentality, breaking free from old narratives and excuses, resolving past traumas, engaging in difficult shadow work, and cultivating a wellspring of self-love. And yet the result is nothing short of true freedom and personal sovereignty. 

I know what it's like to think there are no answers, no hope, no way out of chronic pain. I know what it's like to see expert after expert and take test after test, each time leaving with more answers. I know what it's like to simply survive--not thrive. Now, I've turned my pain into my purpose by serving other women on the path to pure wellness. It's a dream come true!

I see healing as a powerful way to come into our truth. To become the goddess who is dormant inside all of us: a radiant being whose light is so bright it illuminates the path of everyone around her. I know that goddess is in you, too. And I will do everything I can to help her come to life.

"From progress and perfection, to presence and peace."

That's my mantra now. I invite you to join me as we walk the most important path we can ever embark on: the path to self-reclamation. 


Professional Certifications

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Awakened Healers

The Health Professional Academy

Certified Yoga Teacher

200-hour teacher training

West Hartford Yoga

Certificate of Integrative Leadership

Esalen Institute

Certified Outdoor Guide

Stanford University


Hollins University

MFA in Creative Writing

Stanford University

B.A. in Urban Studies & Italian (Phi Beta Kappa)