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I help women with IBS improve their digestion and mind:body connection so they can move forward with clarity, confidence, and ease.

Are you ready to heal your gut?

You are a

Gut Health Goddess...

And a goddess wouldn't let a little gas hold her back from living her dreams! 

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Let me guess...

On the outside, you live a "healthy" life. 

You do all the yoga, eat the kale, maybe even meditate. You've tried all the elimination diets, all the supplements, gone to all the healers.

But on the inside, there's a mismatch. 

You still have mysterious gut health issues, aka, matter what you do!

I'm talking gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, BOTH (if you know, you know), cramping, even nausea. 

Not to mention mood swingsbrain fog, depressionlethargy, PMS, acne, cravings, lack of motivation, low energy, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, food intolerances, and autoimmunity. 

Sound familiar?

Raise your hand if you've... 

Cancelled plans with friends time and again because of some, ahem, tummy troubles...

Mapped out the bathrooms in every new place you go...

Woken up with a flat belly and gone to sleep looking 6 months preggers...

Or maybe you've been told, "It's all in your head?"

Well, you're not crazy and it's not all in your head.  

It's time you stopped living with gut issues--and started truly living.

It's time you took back your power and moved forward with your life.

It's time you healed your gut.

Hi! I'm Amy.
Emotional Digestion & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I'm honored to serve as your guide to find your healer within. 


I help women get to the root of their inner imbalances so they can heal for good

With me in your coaching corner, you'll learn the tools to... 

Experience symptom-free living (say goodbye to gas, bloat, uncomfortable fullness, constipation)...and if symptoms do occasionally arise, you'll be in control!

Free your mind from the anxiety loop of mystery symptoms, so you can make space for intuition, clarity, and purpose.

Demystify the confusing and contradictory health information out there so you can learn to be your own best healer.

Radiate pure wellness and vitality, instead of just going through the motions of healthy living!

I won't stop until every woman is guided by her gut intuition, not her gut issues.


My Holistic Approach to Gut Health:

All areas of your life are interconnected.

Good gut health starts with:






I take a root-cause approach, so you can heal from the inside-out.

Because here's the truth: 

You. Can Heal. 

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Holistic health coaching...

  • Honors your bio-individuality. 

  • Creates a supportive, healing space for sustainable change. 

  • Meets you where you are, so you can be the driver seat in your own life.

We work through a variety of holistic coaching and wellness modalities that develop and strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection, re-connect with your sense of self, and re-imagine your possibilities. 

You deserve to feel vibrant.

Give yourself the gift of radiant health.

Book a free discovery call today! 

“Amy provided such a welcoming and safe space for me from the first second of our session. I loved how she connected the physical symptoms to the possible emotional imbalances and gave suggestions on helping and balancing both! Her coaching is so personalized and filled with passion and heart."

- Heather J.

“Amy embodies bringing out the inner healer in her clients. Through the questions she asks, I realized, 'I know more than I think I do!' Before working with Amy, I was always anxious and didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel for my digestive issues. After working with Amy, I had a clear path forward to heal my gut." 

- Gladys C.

“I was resigned to having painful digestive issues until I found Amy! She has helped me re-connect with my body and heal my belly after living with IBS for years. If you want to get your life back and move forward after having digestive problems, she is your girl!"

- Kristen S.


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